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PRIMACYT Cell Culture Media Product Line

Better Plating, Adherence, Growth and Maintenance for your Cells

PRIMACYT is your partner when it comes to cell cultures and cell culture development. As a member of the European Reference Laboratory Network for Alternatives to Animal Testing we offer modern cell culture techniques and we support you with adequate cell culture protocols for your research.
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We complement our product range of hepatocytes and the HEPAC2 cell culture system with a variety of cell culture media, including growth factors and collagen products.

Benefit from PRIMACYTas European Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing.

3D-Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium

3D-HMM facilitates the culture of human, non-human primates, and Beagle hepatocytes in spheroid cultures. Chemically defined and serum free. Available as ready-to-use medium or as basal medium plus supplements.

Plating Medium HPM

PRIMACYT plating medium is serum free. A solid base for high plating efficiency. Performance tested.

Maintenance Medium HM

The PRIMACYT Short and Long term Cell Culture media are part of our serum free cell culture media program. Chemically defined – Animal Component Free or CLASSIC – All Serum Free.

Classic Medium
All Serum Free.

Medium Animal
Component Free

Rat Hepatocyte Growth Medium HGM

Chemically defined and serum free. The complete kit contains basal media and five supplements that support sustainable proliferation and long term culture of growing cells. Includes phenol red.

Human Hepatocyte Growth Factor HGF

Human recombinant hepatocyte growth factor expressed in CHO cells, for in vitro research, including culture media for hepatocytes and animal-component free culture media.

Fibroblast Growth Medium FGM

Ready to use, delivered in 500 ml bottles.
Low-serum medium, chemically defined. Contains 5% serum. Serves juvenile and adult human dermal fibroblasts.

Note: For in vitro research only, not for diagnostics or therapeutical procedures or applications.