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PRIMACYT Hepatocyte Maintenance Media - Advanced Cell Cultures Media – Long Term Culturing

3D Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium


EUR 257.00

3D-Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium, basal medium with Supplements, 500 ml


EUR 257.00

3D-Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium, ready to use, 500 ml


EUR 128.50

3D-Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium, ready to use, 250 ml


Culturing hepatocytes is of crucial importance in research and requires the right choice of Hepatocyte Media for the species of interest. PRIMACYT offers a serum-free, chemically defined medium for 3D cultures of Human, Cynomolgus and Beagle hepatocytes.

3D-Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium is available as basal medium (500 ml) plus Supplements or as ready to use medium (500/250 ml). The complete kit contains basal media and seven supplements that support sustainable long term culture of functional hepatocytes. Includes phenol red.

The Primacyt 3D-Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium is part of our Cell and Tissue Culture Application Package, comprising fresh or cryopreserved hepatocytes in suspension or plated, plating medium and collagen-coated vessels or plates, or collagen solution.

PRIMACYT 3D-HMM is chemically defined and serum-free. It avoids false interpretation of the results and conclusions from your research experiments. It contains Hepatocyte Growth Factor HGF and Epidermal Growth Factor EGF to facilitate the functionality of hepatocytes. Phenol-red free medium is available on request.

Shelf Life
The basal medium has a shelf life of 6 months. After the addition of supplements, the shelf life of the ready to use medium is one month.
Usage Statement
Usage Statement. Products are intended for research use only and must not be used for any other purpose, such as but not limited to unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostics, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any consumption or application to humans or animals.

Basal and ready to use media, as well as supplements 2, 3 and 8, are shipped at ambient temperature. Supplements 4-7 are shipped on dry ice.

Basal medium, Ready to use medium, and Supplements 2, 3 and and 8 are stored at 4-8°C, Supplements 4 and 5 should be stored below -70°C, and Supplements 6 and 7 are stored at -20°C or below.

Note: You have arrived to this page because you are interested in Hepatocyte Research and want to use 3D Hepatocyte Culture Medium for your projects, including the study of human and animal liver function.