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KaLy-Cell Human Hepatocytes in Suspension

Cryopreserved human hepatocytes undergo the strongest quality checks and are carefully characterized and tested. Besides the parameters as shown below, all deliveries are accompanied by additional photo documentation and other supplemental data.

Human cryopreserved hepatocytes are only for in vitro research use and not for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Human cryopreserved hepatocytes should be stored in liquid nitrogen vapor (-150°C or colder). They should be thawed using Ka-Ly Cells Human CryoHep thawing kit according to the thawing protocol which are shipped with the cryopreserved hepatocytes.

All cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes are packaged to produce an Assured Minimum Yield (AMY), the minimum number of viable cells that you can expect from each vial. The AMY allows for advanced planning and budgeting for your research projects by ensuring that you get the quantity of cells needed for your specific experiment.
Storage and handling

Human CryoHeps should be stored at -150°C or colder in liquid nitrogen vapor. They should be thawed using Ka-Ly’ Cells Human Cryopreserved thawing kit according to the thawing protocol which are part of the shipment to you.

Product Code HHCS - Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes in Suspension

Price per Vial is determined by the number of cells contained in the well. Our reply upon your Quote Request contains the pricing information.
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Column Information: Columns labeled as CYP denote Phase I activity (pmol/min/106cells). Column UGT means Phase II UGT. Column SULT means Phase II SULT. The last Column describes the Uptake Transporter Activity.
Lot #InventoryRaceGenderAgeViable Cells x106/vialViable Cells x106/vialViable Cells Viability %CYP1A/2CYP3A4/5CYP286CYP2C9CYP2D6Midazolam Clearance (μL/min/106cells)Phase II UGTUGT SULTNTCP, OATP, OCT
UUA120 8282CF698108030,820,619,633,51,67,9
UUA123 6161CF618108011,229,276,3851,811,2
SA125 5353CM5946742,20,82,62,80,11
SA86 5050CF4346913,262,985,34105,9
LA83 4848CM6024811,526,60,20,34,54,9
BA126 4646CF7446802,1310,411,31,9-
SA81 4141CM57467627,51,23,110,52,4
UUA116 3636CM79810791582921,856,34,511,4
SA87 2828CM7068862,821,910,813,56,53
LA82 2727CM744688120,50,70,4-6,2
Pr95 2626CM10 M46812,621,552,365,7-26,6
SA74 2323CM5868781,22,3926,10,1-7,4
UUA113 2121CF68469212,223,754,562,27,715,2
LA69 1818CM7746920,422,513,60,3-5,7
UUA121 1717CM7612147610,921,143,373,71,111,9
Publishing Date: July 21, 2015
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