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Fresh Animal Hepatocytes from PRIMACYT

PRIMACYT is a leading Company in the field of cell culture systems for hepatocytes. Our laboratory is certified according to GLP (Good Laboratory Practise).

The Company has been approved by the European Commission and the EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) as member of the laboratory network responsible for the method validation. Our customers can expect adeaquate product and process quality based on this Management System and take advantage of the benefits from this Membership.
PRIMACYT cooperates with a network of supporting organization to provide primary fresh animal hepatocytes.

Animal species are available according to PRIMACYT‘s hepatocytes calendar published on its homepage.
We offer gender specific animal hepatocytes as published on our website. Our animal hepatocytes are carefully prepared by using isolation methods and tools that are also applied for human hepatocytes. Hepatocytes are fully characterized to ensure success of your projects. A variety of species is available for fresh hepatocytes on a routine basis.
Animal hepatocytes are model systems often used for a variety of in vitro screenings and analysis prior to clinical studies. We see new trends in the use of ruminant hepatocytes and hepatocytes from horse.

Hepatocytes derived from horse, sheep and goat are an important assay system for the development of veterinary drugs in animal health. There is an additional growing demand in the field of pesticides, biocides or herbicides also for the assessment of environmental toxicology. The use of hepatocyte cultures as a reliable in vitro system is cost efficient and reduces the need for animal experiments.

Application Fields

Animal hepatocytes are model systems often used for a variety of in vitro screenings and analysis prior to clinical studies.

While animal hepatocytes in suspension are important for short term metabolism studies,
plated animal hepatocytes are perfect for the studies of long term metabolism or evaluation of drug candidates to investigate drug-drug interactions.

Our dog beagle, monkey cynomolgus, rat and minipig hepatocytes are model systems frequently used in vitro screening methods. They closely match the physiology in vivo and contribute to the identification of safety issues early in the drug development pipeline.

Drug development and lead candidate screening.
Identification of species-specific metabolism activities and toxicity of compounds.
Studies of drug metabolism and toxicology, including performing transporter activities and coupled phase I and II metabolism studies.

Drug-drug interaction assays.
Drug transporter inhibition.
Metabolic profiling and assessment of stability.
Liver tissue engineering and studies of liver pathophysiology.

Prediction of metabolic clearance.
Comparison of major phase I and phase II metabolism reactions.
Assessment of tetracycline-induced steatosis.
Determination of microsome and hepatocyte scaling factors for in vitro/in vivo extrapolation.

Features / Benefits

Animal hepatocytes are available in suspensions or in multi-well plate (6-, 12-, 24-, 48- and 96-well plate).

Our animal hepatoytes are of highest quality. The level of quality insurance is identical with human heps. Typically we offer highest viability and functionality levels. In combination with appropriate cell morphology, our cell technology is one instrument for adequate in vitro - in vivo correlations for your purposes.

Our characterization methods of fresh animal hepatocytes include the monitoring of liver specific functions, activities of drug transporters and the induction of cytochrome P450 activies. We also monitor and document cell morphology, attachment efficiency, monolayer confluency for plateable cells and viability stability over time.

Orders / Shipments

Minimum order for cells in suspension is 10 Mio cells.

Products in Suspension
Suspensions will be sent on crushed ice on the day of isolation and should be used on the day of receipt. Included with each suspensions order are following documents: Animal demographics datasheet, if available, instructions for recovery of cells. Although hepatocytes in suspensions are normally plateable within 20-24 hours after isolation, we will not guarantee the plateability of these cells, and recommend to order plated hepatocytes if this is the intended use.

Plated Products
Plated products will be sent at ambient temperature on day 1 after isolation and should be stored at 37°C at 95% humidity with 5% CO2 atmosphere. Included with each plated order are following documents: Animal Demographics, when available, datasheet (with picture of the cells prior to shipping), Manual for culture of primary hepatocytes.

New customers
New customers will be contacted by Primacyt after having placing the first order or order inquiry. Please feel free to use our Full Service Questionaire.
Existing Customers
Delivery to existing customers follows the agreed upon Fast Track procedure.

Fresh ruminant hepatocytes from sheep and goat and horse hepatocytes.