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Fresh Goat Hepatocytes from PRIMACYT

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Our fresh Goat hepatocytes are of highest quality. The level of quality insurance is identical with human hepatocytes. Typically we offer highest viability and functionality levels. In combination with appropriate cell morphology, our cell technology is one instrument for adequate in vitro - in vivo correlations for your purposes.

Characterization methods of fresh animal hepatocytes include the monitoring of liver specific functions, activities of drug transporters and the induction of cytochrome P450 activities. We also monitor and document cell morphology, attachment efficiency, monolayer confluency for platable cells and viability stability over time.

Goat Hepatocytes are available in suspension. Minimum order is 10 million viable cells. Suspension cells are for immediate use after arrival.
  • Products in SuspensionSuspensions will be sent on crushed ice on the day of isolation and should be used on the day of receipt. Included with each suspension order are following documents: Animal demographics (Sheep) as datasheet, instructions for recovery of cells. Although hepatocytes in suspension are normally platable within 20-24 hours after isolation, we do not guarantee the platability of these cells, and recommend to order plated hepatocytes if this is the intended use.
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Fresh Goat Hepatocytes in Suspension

Biohazard warning: Tissue fractions such as hepatocytes should be considered as potentially biohazardous, and should be treated as biohazards in the laboratory.
Only for research purposes. Not for use in human diagnostics or therapeutics.
Minimum Order 30 M Cells, setup fee may apply.


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In suspension

> 10 Mio viable cells



Minimum Order 30 Mio cells.
For less than 30 M, a setup fee us applicable.

> 100 Mio viable cells



> 200 Mio viable cells