SILAC - Stable isotope labelling by amino acids in cell culture.

Tissue Culture Products - HeLa Cells - Dialyzed Cald and Horse Serum

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In Cooperation with Dundee Cell Products Ltd we offer eight different types of SILAC media, comprising in total 41 different products.


Tissue Culture Products
DMEM, RPMI, Leibiviz L15, IMDM, WME, DMF12, McCoys A5, Schneider

HeLa Cells
SILAC mammalian cells, SILAC mammalian cell lysates, SILAC HeLa cytoplasmic fractions S10, SILAC HeLa cytoplasmic fractions S100, SILAC Nuclear extracts, SILAC Nuclei, SILAC Nucleoli.

SILAC Dialysed Serum
MWCO 10,000 Da/ 5,000 Da / 3,000 Da / 1,000 Da

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