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Animal Tissue Performance and Regulations
The acquisition of animal tissue is performed under permits 3902-046-2017 and DE 13 076 0001 21 from the Landkreis Ludwigslust-Parchim, Department of Veterinary- and Foodstuff Control, following EU Regulation No. 1029/2009, Art. 17 and 23 and permit 7221.3-2-004/17 from the Ministry for Agriculture, Food Safety and Fishery of the State Mecklenburg-Pomerania in accordance with EU Regulation 2010/63/EU, and with several additional regulations for the protection of animals (e.g., TierSchG dated July 18, 2016, and TierSchVerV dated August 31, 2015) used for experimentation and other scientific purposes.

NEW: PRIMACYT Skin Cell Tissue Goettingen Minipig

Your Tool for Drug Discovery and Drug Development.

For research use only. Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic use.
ÔªøProduct No.ProductSpezificationLot No.Unit size (sqcm)PackagingEuro per sqcm
GM-SkinGoettingen Minipig SkinAbdominal Tissuein progress1Minimum packages apply, please ask2,90



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